Whatch how you can use the StretchUp Aplication to create your poster

The first aplication for stretching poster´s customization! Watch how it works and make your own stretching poster.

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StretchUp Tutorial

StretchUp Customized Stretching Posters? Simple! Watch the video!

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How to promote Stretching and Flexibility training?

Promoting efficient stretching is not easy. If it was, then everybody would be stretching without being alerted. But how to promote stretching with success? There are no rules to really answer that, but there are guidelines to help us. Here are some:

1) Make the practice of stretching fun! No matter the type of  population target, you always should create conditions in the exercises and strategies proposed to induce intrinsic motivation. There is many things you can do to achieve that. Combining music it is a good example;
2) Assure that when doing stretching exercises they will never cause pain or discomfort. This is really important! People who pass through bad experiences, do not intend to repeat them. Do you like to hurt yourself? I do not think so. Thus, assure that the subject´s symptons are always positive;
3) Recommend the right exercises, intensity (i.e. tissues deformation), volume (i.e. duration of stretching for a certain intensity), and indicate who and when they should execute them. Stretching must be objective to achieve people´s goals;
4) Do always, in different moments, the follow-up about how people are feeling. People will become more motivated and will practice stretching for longer periods of time;
5) Always try to teach simple aspects about stretching benefits, exercises and physiology (e.g. muscles being stretched). This is an essential step to induce autonomy and make people stretch without being alerted;
6) Use proper instruments and strategies to promote stretching. For example stretching posters. StretchUp has developed an innovate website that allows to customize stretching posters. It´s the worldwide best option to create the posters that answers to your needs! If you want to know more, please go to http://www.StretchUp.com.
Have you stretched today?
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StretchUp was Launched – 1st in the World

StretchUp It was released: Have you stretched today?

Since backgroud colors, sizes, texts, number and type of techniques, material, etc. You only need to create an account (free) and make your poster!
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